Minced Meat

Minced Meat

Minced pork is the ground meat obtained by mincing the boneless pork through 4 mm or 6 mm plate of a mincer. It is extensively used as keema or in chowmin, keema curry, momo, patties etc.

? Take the meat out from deep freezer and keep in the refrigerator overnight on the day before consumption. For immediate consumption also, you must thaw the meat by keeping it under running tap water for at least 30 mins to 1 hr. with changing the water intermittently.

? Cut the meat into pieces or chunks of required shape and sizes. Marinade the pork with lemon juice, curd, black pepper, red chilli, turmeric powder and salt to taste.

? Make the other spices and condiments ready (as ginger garlic paste, meat masala etc.) and cook in a ‘kadai’ as like as you cook other meat.

? Don’t cook at very high temperature because the fat will be melted and it will kill the original taste. Just cook at a low temperature of about 70-80oC and be cautioned that the meat texture do not disintegrate as pork is very much soft meat.

? Available in:- 500g, 2 kg pack.

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