Chicken Boneless

Chicken Boneless

 These are the combination of all prime cuts of chicken packed proportionately in aerobically packaged LDPE bags. From ‘farm to fork’ i.e. from live bird to the table of end user, we take utmost care of hygiene and food safety.

Take out the packaged meat from deep freezer (-18oC) and thaw the packed chicken in refrigerator (0-4ËšC) overnight or by holding in the running tap water, till the meat temperature comes up to room temperature. Take special caution so that the package does not tear off or make sure that there is no pin hole in the LDPE, otherwise tap water may penetrate into the meat and contaminate it.

Cut the meat chunk or pieces as per your menu / choice (if needed).

Marinade the meat chunks with vinegar, salt, turmeric powder and bruise a little oil and keep for 30 mins.

Cook at meat internal temperature of 82oC for 20 mins with spices and condiments, oil etc. till brownish color appear to obtain meat curry.

For chilli chicken / schezwan chicken etc., boneless / chicken cube may be used.

 ? Available in:- 250 g, 1 kg.

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