Pork Frank Furter

Pork Frank Furter

Smoked lean pork minced and formulated with varying degrees of spices and condiments, salt and seasonings, filled in a casing by automatic sausage filler machine, boiled, out cover peeled off, and then vacuum packaged in LDPE bags. Formulation pattern varies from country to country and even with region as per the taste buds of consumers, and thereby several types of pork sausages are available in different names throughout the world.

Thaw the product properly as per the instructions given for Pork chop / fillet.

As all types of our sausages are pre-cooked and casing peeled off, so no need to boil again.

Just pan fry with little oil till golden brown color appear.

Serve warm with sauce and salad or place in between sandwiches.

Available in:- 250g, 500g pack.

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