Chicken Cheese Onion Sausage

Chicken Cheese Onion Sausage

The word ‘Sausage’ came from ‘salsus’ which means salt. Sausage is the comminuted, emulsified, cured (salt added), smoked or non-smoked, cooked meat product with addition of little amount of spices and animal fat.The ground meat emulsion is stuffed within ‘casing’ made from animal intestine (natural casing), or synthetic casing, by automatic sausage filler machine.After that, sausages along with casings are boiled in hot water and then casing is peeled off and sausages are packed in a LDPE bag with vacuum packaging machine. You may consume it after shallow frying in a pan, or simply heating in a microwave oven. Different types of sausages are available throughout the world in different name. According to country, region, food consumption habit of people, several categories of sausages are made as cooked or raw, smoked on non-smoked, fresh, fermented or non-fermented, cured or non-cured, spiced or plain, and many more.

Preheat the oven.

Add a little amount of vegetable oil in the pan as per the sausage amount.

Shallow fry the sausages in the pan for 7-8 mins with turning upside down intermittently or till a cooked brownish color appear.

For microoven baking, set the oven at ‘medium’ setting and cook for 4-5 mins.

Serve warm with salad and sauce or place in between long Pao for making ‘Hotdog’.

Try not to expose to direct heat. Cook with steam in a closed container and place the container in a pressure cooker.

Available in:- 250g, 500g pack.

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