Dressed Quail

Dressed Quail

The most commonly available quail is farm raised and can be purchased at selected stores in frozen condition. Quail meat is a sweet and delicate white game meat with extremely low skin fat and low cholesterol value. High quantity of Poly-Unsaturated fatty acids and Omega-3 fatty acids render the quail meat beneficial for consumption for ischemic heart diseases. Quail meat is rich in micronutrients and a wide range of vitamins including the B complex and vitamin E and K. The demand for quail meat is increasing day by day among the meat consumer especially in cities because it contains less cholesterol and saturated fat which is beneficial for heart patients and also recommended for persons on diet.

? After proper thawing, marinade outside of the whole bird and inside of the body cavity with brine solution, black pepper, curd, lemon juice, ginger paste, garlic paste, and binding substance as Chhatu (1 t.s.f.), 1 tsf tandoor masala, and keep undisturbed for at least 30 mins.

? Brush up with little vegetable oil. Roast at 180oC for 45 mins.

? Thaw as per standard procedure.

? Split the birds into two halves and flatten slightly with a mallet. Prepare batter with 2 tsf flour, 1 tsf corn flour, 1 egg, then liquefy with small water, add salt, pepper and backing powder ½ tsf . Deep fry in pan with white oil.

? Thaw and cut the whole bird into pieces of your choice. Marinade the bird and keep for 30 mins.

? Prepare quail curry as per standard meat cooking procedure in household.

? Available in:- 2 pcs and 5 pcs pack.

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