Dressed Turkey

Dressed Turkey

Turkey is a large poultry bird, native from North America. Turkey meat is generally considered healthier as it contains less fat and cholesterol than red meat. It is also rich in high quality protein, a significant amount of vitamins and minerals (particularly rich in Sodium and Selenium), considered as ‘white meat’ and hence especially recommended for hypertension, obese and heart patients.

? Thaw the frozen turkey as per the standard procedure.

? Marinade with brine solution and turmeric powder, sauce, vinegar, black pepper, chili paste and a little oil for 30 mins.

? Preheat the oven to 160oC and place the whole turkey ‘breast side up’ on to flat rack of shallow roasting pan.

? Brush or spray some vegetable oil for best appearance.

? Place the stuff into the body cavity of the turkey (if you want to prepare stuffed turkey).

? Place the turkey into the oven and if possible monitor the ‘internal meat temperature’ by an oven proof meat probe thermometer, till an internal temperature of 82oC is      achieved.

? Cover the drumstick and breast portion with an aluminum foil to avoid over-roasting.

? Lift turkey to a plate and let it cool for 15 mins and then serve with meal or salad.

? Available in:- 500gm pack.

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