Why processed meat?

There are a lot of differences lies between meat and muscle. Just after slaughter, the carcass flesh is muscle, which is converted to meat through a series of auto-catalytic chemical reaction under controlled temperature and humidity.

Available in different sizes and amounts, as per the requirement.

Ready to cook / ready to eat.

Awesome snack item easily prepared in household

‘Thawing’ is the process of keeping the frozen meat / meat products in a temperature range higher than the freezing temperature and thereby defrost the ice present in the intracellular and extracellular space of meat tissue.

The meat / meat product should be taken out from deep freezer (-18oC) and kept in the refrigerator (0-4oC) at least for 4-5 hours before cooking.

You can also thaw the frozen product by keeping the wrapped pack under running water.

Once thawed the meat and meat products cannot be refrozen under any circumstances, otherwise it will deteriorate the meat quality.

Meat products such as emulsified (nuggets, sausages etc.), cured smoked (ham, bacon etc.), whole / retail cuts (drumstick, lollypop, wing, pork chop etc.) are gaining so much popularity worldwide because they taste good, have better nutritional quality in a balanced form, and have better keeping quality as they have undergone processing.

They are manufactured in a hygienic and wholesome environment and hence safe to consume.

They are being prepared according to demand/ choice pattern of the consumer in a specific region.

No. Our products are prepared as much as keeping concern to the safety of the consumer’s health. No added preservatives/ flavoring agent / other chemicals are used in our meat products.

Although it depends on several factors viz, storage temp., humidity, type of packaging, processing temp., pH etc., still generally it can be said that our products can keep well up to 9 months at -18oC storage temperature.

Quail meat contains a very low amount of cholestrol while other constituents viz. protein,fat, iron, vitamin etc are comparable with other species meat. Hence it is recommended for people who want to maintain lower cholesterol level.

Quail egg contains a very special constituent ‘Choline’ which helps in brain development in child. Hence it is recommended for children and pregnant woman.

Tasty due to higher fat content, but the fat is not absorbed in the body, because of its lower melting point. Hence does not cause obesity and keeps away cardiovascular diseases.

Keep the frozen (-18oC) meat / meat product in refrigerator (0-4oC) for at least 4-5 hours and thereafter take it out to ambient temperature before cooking for proper thawing.

For cooking / microwave heating, ensure thorough heating of each side of the product, so that a minimum product core temperature (82oC) can be attained.

Avoid burning and charring of the product during cooking/ microwave heating. Apart from loss of taste, it will affect nutritional quality of the product also.

Try to thaw only that much amount of product which will be consumed up in a serving.

From health aspect, try to fry meat products with minimum oil.

Try to consume hot, as immediately as possible after cooking.

Do not re-freeze (-18oC) a thawed packet. It will destroy the meat texture, result in toughness.

Thawed meat and meat product in excess may be kept in refrigerator (0-4oC) and need to be consumed within a day or two.

Do not purchase any product, if package is torn or vacuum has been lost inside the package (for product only).

Do not keep unpacked product in freezer for long time. It will produce an unacceptable condition ‘freezer burn’.

Do not thaw frozen meat with hot water, it will cook the large meat pieces externally but internal core will remain in frozen condition.

Do not keep aromatic substances like raw garlic, onion or other spices/ condiments etc. in a same refrigerator. Meat will pick up their aroma and the original sensory quality will be changed.

Do not reuse the remnant oil that has been used for frying meat products on previous day.

Do not add any salt or seasonings during cooking unless instructed on package (for products only).

Do not open refrigerator door frequently.

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