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Chicken Tandoor Cut

Chicken Tandoor Cut

It is a very much popular item among the meat consumers, made from the lower portion of chicken leg, with or without skin, extremely tasty and juicy.

? Take out from deep freezer and thaw under running tap water while the product is in the package, till product temperature comes up to the room temperature.

? Marinade with sauce, vinegar, curd or yoghurt, black pepper, salt and spices and keep for 30 mins for proper marinating.

? Cook in a microwave oven on ‘high’ or on a preheated gas oven at a temperature of 140oC for 7-8 mins for drumstick, 10-12 mins for tandoor cut by shallow frying (with little oil braising), or by roasting in a tandoor oven, till brownish colour appear.

? Turn upside down for at least 2-3 times during roasting / cooking to avoid burning / churning.

? Serve warm with sauce and salad.

? Available in:- 500g, 2 kg pack

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