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  • Construction of Boundary Wall and Allied structures adjacent to Sufal Bangla Sales Counter at Tollygunge. LAST DATE FOR ON LINE SUBMISSION OF TENDER: 21.06.2017 UP TO 2.00 PM. For details visit or tender notice page.

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  • 1. The appointed Distributor(s) will have their sale outlet on a prominent place/or sufficient godown space at any approachable area must have Trade & other required Licenses in his/her/their name of selling the Food Products.

  • 2.Applicant for Distributorship will have to be made along with attested copies of required Licenses clearly indicating therein the details of Address, Telephone No., if any,.

  • 3.Appointed Distributor(s) will get the benefit of wholesale price (which will not be below 10% of the MRP but some cases it will be more than that) fixed from time to time by the West Bengal livestock Dev. Corpn. Ltd., West Bengal.

  • 4.Each selected Distributors will place a firm indentto West Bengal Livestock Dev. Corpn. Ltd. On the date of supply indicating his requirement for the next supply.

  • 5.All products will be supplied subject to the availability of each in stock on the specified date of supply in standard packaging only.

  • 6.No order will be served without A/C Payee cheques/Bank Draft drawn in favour of this Corporation by .

  • 7. All the payment shall be made through A/C Payee Cheque/Draft/cash. Cheques, if dishonoured the party shall have to bear the bank charges and make payments in case including bank charges within in 7 days from the date of intimation of such dishonuor

  • 8. As the Cheques will be placed in the bank only after delivery if those remain un-post for any reason ………….. the amount of the bill(s).

  • 9. Any difference in the cheque amount shall be credited/debited in the account of the distributors.

  • 10. Products will be supplied to the Distributor(s) on specified date preferably between 2.00 P.M. to 7.00 P.M. the date and time of delivery is subject to change due to unforeseen reasons.

  • 11. All products are to be sold by the Distributor(s) at the price fixed from time to time by W.B.L.D.C.Ltd., West Bengal.

  • 12. All products are to be kept properly in Deep Freeze/Refrigerator.

  • 13. An amount of Rs.1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh Only) as Demand Draft / Pay Order in favour of ‘West Bengal Livestock Development Corporation Ltd.’ will be kept as security deposit.

  • 14. Disputes if any, may be resolved mutually, if not, it may be referred to sole arbitrator, the Chairman of the Corporation or his nominated representative not below the rank of Deputy Secretary be the sole arbitrator for resolution of such dispute. The award of the arbitrator shall be binding on both the parties. The legal jurisdiction will be the Hon’ble High Court, Kolkata.

  • 15. The stock of the Dealer(s) will be liable for inspection by the Authorized Representative(s) (of W.B.L.D.C.Ltd.) as and when required.

  • 16. Product/Products once sold will not be taken back

  • 17. Any rejection should be done on the spot of delivery of the products and he should returned the same to W.B.L.D.C.Ltd. on the spot.

  • 18. Rejected products may be replaced during next consignment or can be adjusted with current supply. Once sold products cannot be returned

  • 19. All products duration of life are mention on the packets and hence those be sold within that period. Return after expiry period of life may not be accepted.

  • 20. In case of any unfair means adopted by the Distributor, his/her Distributorship may be terminated without showing any reason thereof.

  • 21. In respect of any dispute or any point arising out of above the decision of the Managing Director, W.B.L.D.C.Ltd.;, West Bengal will be final and binding upon the Distributor.

Persons who are agreeable to abide by the Terms & Conditions as laid down above may apply for Dealership in the enclosed Application form to the Managing Director, W.B.L.D.C.Ltd., West Bengal.