Chicken Cocktail Sausage

Another variety of sausage enriched with a taste and nutrition. It is highly palatable, nutritious for regular consumption.  If you want to have something hot to pass around on a tray, then cocktail sausages are what you’re after. Ther’s nothing fiddky to make, nothing to go right or wrong, and everyone loves them.

Cooking Instructions:-

  • a) Slice the chicken cocktail sausage into smalol round pieces.

  • b) Fry the sliced sausage in a non stick pan till its golden brown.

  • c) Heat the oil and add green chillies and garlic.When fried, add onion and saute.

  • d) Add pepper powder, capsicum, salt, sauce and the tomato ketchup. After 2-3 minutes, add the fried sausage pieces.

  • e) Saute on low flame for another 5 mins and the dish is ready. Serve with bread or chapattis.

  • Available in:- 500g pack.