Chicken is the most common type of poultry meat in the world. It is a good source of animal protein (23%), particularly rich in essential amino acids which are very much needed for our body growth and maintenance. Chicken meat is often prescribed for child, old or pregnant woman for its easy digestibility, high quality protein which meets daily wear and tear, low fat and cholesterol, high amount of B complex group of vitamins (niacin, riboflavin, folic acid), Vit. A and minerals (particularly Ca, P, Se, Na, K). Chicken meat is also beneficial for diabetic, obese, and hypertension patients.
Crude proximate composition of chicken meat as per FAO database is as follows:-

SL. No. Proximate composition Percentage (on whole carcass basis)
1. Water 75%
2. Protein 22.8%
3. Fat 0.9%
4. Total Ash 1.2%
5. Energy 105 kcal /100g.
6. Cholesterol 88 mg/100g

West Bengal Livestock Development Corporation Limited. procures quality lives birds from scientifically reared farm or federation and slaughters them at Haringhata Meat Plant, in a complete humane and hygienic manner. The whole procedure runs in automatic / semi-automatic plant, where killing, bleeding, defeathering, decaptitation and hock & feet removal of birds are done by machines hygienically. Evisceration i.e. removal of inedible viscera as intestine, gall bladder, lungs, spleen, etc. are removed manually and edible parts like giblet (heart, liver, gizzard), neck etc. are packaged separately as low-value items. Dressed whole carcasses then cut into sizes or shapes as per the consumers demand as drumstick, breast, wings, hot wings etc. Bones from body cage are also separated and deboned meat (boneless) obtained.