Chicken Wing

Chicken Wing

These are the portions cut from forearm from the level of scapula (shoulder bone) to the level of humerus and radius-ulna joint (wings). Being a bony part, a majority of people like this chicken cut item as it is extremely crunchy and crispy.

Thaw and marinade as per the procedure given in Chicken drumstick.

Lay the wings / wingtips in a microwave safe plate in a single layer.

Set the microoven at ‘High’ and place the plate inside the oven and keep for 4-5 mins. Check the brown color of meat intermittently and turn upside down to avoid burning / churning.

For lollypop, you may dip the marinated product into corn flour batter and deep fry to make it crunchy and crispy.

Serve warm with salad and sauces.

Available in:- 500g, 2 kg

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