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Chicken Tandoor cut

Chicken Tandoor Cut

It is a very much popular item among the meat consumers, made from the lower portion of chicken leg, with or without skin, extremely tasty and juicy.

Take out from deep freezer and thaw under running tap water while the product is in the package, till product temperature comes up to the room temperature.

Marinade with sauce, vinegar, curd or yoghurt, black pepper, salt and spices and keep for 30 mins for proper marinating.

Cook in a microwave oven on ‘high’ or on a preheated gas oven at a temperature of 140oC for 7-8 mins for drumstick, 10-12 mins for tandoor cut by shallow frying (with little oil braising), or by roasting in a tandoor oven, till brownish colour appear.

Turn upside down for at least 2-3 times during roasting / cooking to avoid burning / churning.

Serve warm with sauce and salad.

Available in:- 500g, 2 kg pack

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